We will clear your to-do list. Manage your calendar. Set that appointment. Capture those notes. Contact that client. Plan that event. And so much more...

About Empowered 4 Success

Empowered 4 Success was started with a vision of empowering both men and women in the administrative/secretarial profession and has now stretched beyond that arena to anyone outside of the profession. We now offer a virtual assistance to help you the busy professional get on with what you need to do to grow your business by clearing your to do list, managing your calendar, setting those appointments, capturing those notes, contacting that client, planning that event and so much more.

About Michele Thwaits

Michele Thwaits started Empowered 4 Success in 2010. with the vision of empowering both men and women in the Administrative/Secretarial profession and has now stretched beyond that arena to anyone outside of the profession. It is her aim to ensure that she helps others by teaching, guiding and mentoring them to find their true potential, to put it into action and to reap the rewards thereof. She has over 37+ year’s experience in the corporate world as a PA and EA and worked with senior executives and CEOs. As a value added service Michele offers PA training in the form of workshops or masterclasses to new and seasoned PAs/EAs and is ideally positioned to coach, mentor and train them.

Our Services

Diary Management

We will schedule and manage your appointments on your behalf. This includes liaising with your clients telephonically or digitally to schedule/reschedule appointments

General admin

Let us take care of your basic administrative duties – drafting a document, putting a presentation together, prepare or proofread reports or correspondence with clients We will keep your office running smoothly and efficiently with our professional and process-oriented VAs

Meeting & Event Planning

Needing help planning a meeting, small gathering, corporate function? We will assist, providing 3 quotes for your function according to your brief and coordinate the bookings on your behalf. We will ensure attendees receive invitations to your event and will courtesy call to confirm. Confirmation documents, running order or event will be emailed to you to confirm event

Minute taking

We will record and minute your meetings through video conference or your preferred method of virtual communication. Action list and minutes will be sent to you on completion. Confidentiality and professionalism is always assured. Estimate lead time for delivery of minutes is 5 working days.

Proofreading & Editing

We can assist in editing your work to look and read correctly. We can then assist with proofreading the final document for you.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media presence for you – the look and feel, all your content designs and copy, your weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule and we will engage and respond to your audience

Social Media Scheduling

We will help free up your time and take over the scheduling of your social media content.. You provide the content and we schedule on your behalf – either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly If you are new to social media scheduling, our VA will take you through the process on how it works at no additional cost


We will transcribe your minutes and documents from audio/digital recordings

Travel coordination

We can plan your business trip or family vacation for you We will source 3 quotes for flights, accommodation, transfers, car hire, etc We will then book or confirm with your chose quote and email your trip documents to you.

Travel Management

Planning a trip overseas for a conference or holiday? We source and plan your trip and it’s full itinerary for local and international travel. We consult with vendors, manage your Visa documents and assist with submission. We complete your travel assistance by making sure you are checked in on time with electronic boarding passes sent to your preferred device. Select your travel date to book. Our service allows for one change to the itinerary per trip. Please refer to our refund policy.

Our Fees



Per Hour

This is an hourly fee



Per Hour

R2600 per month



Per Hour

R4800 per month



Per Hour

R8800 per month



Per Hour

R12000 per month

If you would like to work with a Virtual Assistant, but not sure how it would work for you, let us set up a call to discuss further


I was referred to Michele when looking for assistance and she has been a great support ever since. Ihave enjoyed working with her and appreciate her dedication to the tasks which have been performed efficiently and with a quick turnaround time.

Matseliso Shongwe
M & F Shongwe (Pty) Ltd

Michele Thwaits of Online Office has worked for me for the past two months now and has been a Godsend. In my forty-odd years of working, I have been able to say that only in regard to a handful of people, and not after only two months; yet this seldom-given praise is well-deserved.

Her predecessors had unfortunately left the back office in awry and she came in at a time, with Covid-19 very imminent, where my corporate clients were withdrawing to work from home with new challenges arising daily as to how they were to continue running their businesses. The coaching industry has gone very quiet globally as businesses turn their attentions to “the essentials”.

Yet, Michele quickly assimilated what needed to be done in her role and has worked systematically in ensuring that everything gets done in the time necessary. She has methodically and meticulously, yet always pleasantly, achieved the targets set for her even within the two hours she allocates to my business each day. She seems very systems-oriented in her approach and in this way soon had a good understanding of what is a very different environment from the ones she is used to. I soon learnt that she could be trusted not to let things fall through the cracks and, when one inconsequential thing did, she was quick to let me know about it. She has a pleasant but professional manner which my clients, many of whom are at senior levels in organisations, and is tactfully tenacious and creative in finding ways to get to speak to them even though they are not at the office.

I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot in readily recommending her to anyone looking for a excellent virtual assistant!

Lauron Buys
Lauron Buys Coaching

Michele is brilliant, thorough, and has an eye for detail. Working with her in the online space space has been nothing short of a blessing! She is an experienced, board level colleague with a wealth of knowledge in process design and getting your business flowing. She's an accurate grammarian, with extraordinary wiring abilities. She also trains and coaches our team on how to work as efficiently and productively as possible. Thank you for all you do Michele!

Mica Newman
Founder Office Online

Michele is quick, professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her personal attention on any important project or brand you are working on.

Simone Berger
Founder and Head Strategist at Univation

I have used Michele as a VA for several months now, and it has been the best decision I have made. Using Michele's administrative strengths has freed me up to do what I am good at. I highly recommend the services of Michele Thwaits.

Mphiwa Nombembe
CEO Vine Private Wealth

Michele is everything a VA should be and more. What has made a difference for me is the way she does things. Before she started with us, my agenda was a constant surprise. Missing an email here or there and clashes in appointments alone can be annoying for others but not least for me. When you can let go of the day-to-day administration (which she does amazingly well), you can focus on the core of why you have your business. For me, it was getting back to the people that work for us and to our clients—being able to give them my undivided attention. This has worked so well internally that every person we work with has complimented her and welcomed her. They now get to see more of me, and our working relationships have improved in leaps in bounds. This already started happening within the first two weeks of Michelle coming on board. I can also be a bit of a terrier at times. Michele always finds an approach that works for both of us. Her tenacity, curiosity and compassion, combine in a way that you know you can let go of whatever she has taken on. She will stick with it, figure it out, ask when she needs to and do it in a way that keeps everyone on board and engaged. Thank you, Michele, for making a real difference in our lives.

Eksteen de Waal
Exponentially Me

Michele knows her stuff. She is hardworking, honest and straight forward.

Wilmien Davis
Catalyst, coach, ChemEng, Speaker, Trainer, Owner of Chemistry of Change

Michele is organized and works at pace. She takes away a lot of the hassle of managing diaries, meetings and documents. She’s very dependable and efficient and allows me to be more effective.

Nathan Pillay
Director Envision Advisory Services

A number of my clients make use of Michele's VA services. I'm one of the most disorganised people I know, and thought I'd find out what all the fuss is about, and speak to Michele. To say that this has been one of the best business decisions of my life, is an understatement. Michele has freed me up to do what I really want to do (and, it's not admin). I'm probably biased, because I'm now a huge fan. Go to her. She will change your life.

Jacques de Villiers
LinkedIn profiler

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